Point of Single Contact - PSC

The Point of Single Contact - PSC (Point of single contact - PSC) is a service office that you may contact if you want to set up or exercise services. It contributes to administrative and procedural simplification, but is not an authority and therefore takes no legal decision.

The Point of Single Contact has been established through the implementation of the
EU Services Directive and the adoption of the Services Act
in Austrian law. Its support is provided free of charge.

The Point of Single Contact

·         provides you with general and up-to-date information regarding the setting up and exercising of services, and

·         accepts written applications and forwards them to the competent authorities/offices.

Additionally, the PSC will provide service providers and service consumers with information on authorities, registries and databases, institutions providing judicial remedies as well as associations and organisations.

The PSC Portal provides a summary of the necessary steps and allows service providers to deal with formalities electronically and from the distance.


"Service" means any self-employed economic activity, as a rule, provided for remuneration in the meaning of art. 57 of the
Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. (exemptions).

The PSC site of burgenland provides you with information regarding the requirements applying to service providers with residence in burgenland, including but not limited to procedures and formalities concerning the setting up and exercising of service activities. Apart from the procedures listed please observe the duty to register with the social insurance institute and the tax office

Further information

State Law of the Burgenland
State Law of Carinthia
State Law of Lower Austria
State Law of Upper Austria
State Law of Salzburg
State Law of Vorarlberg

The process map shows the different options available for gathering information and developing the procedure.

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